Cholesterol – Investigate Why


For nearly two decades, the topic of cholesterol was rarely discussed. Now, cholesterol is the scapegoat for nearly every case dealing with heart disease. It’s plastered on billboards.  It’s on commercials and on signs in your doctor’s offices. Each display piece is trying to persuade you for the need of medications to…

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Flu Season

A severe cold can mimic the flu. There are more than 200 cold viruses, they mutate a lot, and virtually everyone has the symptoms of one from time to time. Although the worst colds might feel like the flu, lots of people say they have the flu when they really…

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Sleep Apnea

Sleep is vital part of our daily routine.  While sleeping, the brain is constantly forming neurological pathways necessary for learning, memory and daily functions.  Without the proper amount of sleep, it is difficult to focus and can change overall mood patterns.  One of the most common reasons for lack of…

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